And the princess and princesses of today

By Alexey Makhinko

‘The moment you choose someone, over yourself, you will fall out of favour. You have become meek. The moment you choose yourself, you have chosen sovereignty over everything else.’

We have, or we tried to make society more save and sane. At least that is what feminist with honest intentions tried. Feminists pointed their finger on the man. All the evil in this world is the fault of men. At least, that is what they say. Our culture has killed everything masculine and everything that we can call grown-up. Now men have pushed around like little crybabies that fall over…

Will it benefit or counterfeit us?

Fake Maria from the movie Metropolis

Our desires today consist in a huge part of appetite, we have marginalised on it that for decades. Induced over and over by our capitalistic western culture. To get more for less. To get things we do not need or not want. The same is with our sexual desires and sex robots. Although the idea of such is not new, to have a companion that resembles a human being. Only now our fantasy comes more and more to reality. To fulfil what we always wanted!

The questions I have, are why and how will this benefit? Does this benefit at…

How to get the most out of life? Instead of losing time on motivation speakers. Here is the shortcut.

It caused me tears, sweat. Long, long walks in the forest. In monk mode. Now, after four years of work. My book, called TO BE 100%, is finally here. For you to read. For you to get inspired. Crafted with love and attention.

It is not about getting your shit together. It is not about getting success. It is not about getting whatever you wish.

It is about how TO BE 100%. It is about to have a sustainable life. In order, for the things you do, stay.

Get the ebook by clicking on this link.

What being an Alpha means

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

I broke my back ‘cause

I thought you would too

I’d run in circles

I thought you would too

— Cyn, I’ll still have me

I have been called an Alpha, I have been called a Beta. I have been called bad, I have been called good. I have been called courageous, I have been called lame. I heard this evolutionary psychology, where when people mate search for certain qualities that should be deeply rooted, wired in our being. The more and more I understand it, the more I get the feeling that it is our culture who says…

It drives us nuts, and we end up solo

Photo by Joshua K. Jackson on Unsplash

We would lose each other in each other’s arms, but it turned out differently. Now I am tired of trying to hold onto something that was not there in the first place. Just a desire. Holding onto an image, an ideal to become, or maybe because it was just fun and all I wanted was that.

In the end, we searched for a relief someway or another. From the sorrows of life or from the pain we felt.


The thing I wanted I got, the emotional roller coaster. It was not boring. It is highly enticing. Well, the stress that…

From the movie Rocketman

I crave it, I fight it. My life, my freedom. Let me live or let me die. Fuck-off, with the lies, the bullshit, the false promises. Just let it be. No agenda, please! Thank you!

What do I have become? A stoic? A hedonist? Or something in between? M’I successful? In what measure? Who decides that?

From a very young age, I lived in a very strong environment of achieving. On top of that, I was depressed for years and even wanted that my life would end, literally. I was a stoic, someone that lives only to strive after idealistic…

How we date online and the influence of social media on our dating life

Bette Lemme — from Give It

Are we here to find love and then disappear from the face of the earth?! If so, then why do we seek things that make us miserable and keeps the void from love intact!? A pointless search for the ultimate point of no return for our little egos to be delighted! Wanting that glow in our hearts not going dark. Is there therapy for such a thing? No, only love can save us and we are afraid to surrender to it! Afraid to be hurt again and thrown aside. Who is on your side and who is not, how do…

a psychological view

Image by Joshua Coleman

Let me fly and I will be your guarding angel! Let me explore and I will be your guide! Let me go and I will come back! Let me blossom and you will be my garden. Let me taste and I will be your heaven. Because this is what I need, an emotional rollercoaster, a challenge to learn to love you, not in a suffocating way, but one of free will.

Dating today is like a slot machine (especially when going online), it has a very addictive character to it too. Where coupling is very scrutinized, there is a hyperbolic…

Why there is and how to stop it.

from Evan Kirby from Unsplash

“You’re so Art Deco, out on the floor

Shining like gun metal, cold and unsure

Baby, you’re so ghetto

You’re looking to score

When they all say hello

You try to ignore them

’Cause you want more (why?)

You want more (why?)

You want more (why?)

’Cause you want more”

⁃ Art Deco by Lana Del Rey

We live in an emotion deprived society with a strong drive for new experiences and a compulsive longing for external stimuli. This makes us senseless and empty. It is a vicious cycle, a distraction of what really is happening inside of us.


How society is screwing us over

Society, Alice Phoebe Lou

“Oh, he stands in front of me

And he’s staring manically

Screaming oh society

What have you done to me?

The ground I’ve tread so many years

All this blood and sweat and tears

Just to be inside your mould

And do just what I’m told

If only I had been so bold

But now my body’s getting old

And time is oh so golden

If only it could be frozen

But you took it away from me

Oh society

You took it away from me

Oh, my liberty

Oh you took it away from me

Oh, society

You took…

Aron Hartman

Writing about the Human Experience

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