How society castrates itself

By Alexey Makhinko

‘The moment you choose someone, over yourself, you will fall out of favour. You have become meek. The moment you choose yourself, you have chosen sovereignty over everything else.’

We have, or we tried to make society more save and sane. At least that is what feminist with honest intentions tried. Feminists pointed their finger on the man. All the evil in this world is the fault of men. At least, that is what they say. Our culture has killed everything masculine and everything that we can call grown-up. Now men have pushed around like little crybabies that fall over by every little wimp. Today, we, the people are overly sensual and sexually confused. Man is not allowed to be a man any more women are not allowed to be feminine anymore. It has become a hot mess of gender neutrality. The feminist agenda is to eliminate any difference between genders. They want to go as far that saying that your sex, your body, is a social construct. Indeed. Male and female do not exist. Deep inside we are all the same. Proof after proof shows that there are significant differences between the sexes.

You are out if you are not playing along with the sentiment of the feminist agenda. You are cancelled. You are made out for something, and that is the end of it. We all should be politicly correct otherwise we are bullied away.

‘Never before in history have relations between the sexes been so fraught with anxiety, animosity and misunderstanding. To radical feminists, who have been the driving force behind many tectonic societal shifts in recent decades, that’s a sign of success: they want to tear down the institutions and power structures that underpin society, never mind the fall-out. Nihilistic destruction is part of their road map’

But, for the rest of us, the sight of society breaking down, and ordinary men and women being driven into separate but equal misery, thanks to a small but highly organised group of agitators, is distressing. Particularly because, as increasing numbers of social observers are noticing, an entire generation of young people — mostly men — are being left behind in the wreckage of this social engineering project.’ — by Milo Yiannopoulos

Hook-up culture

Now what we see, in general, is the so-called lad culture. A few guys trying to pick-up women in clubs and bars, engaging in alcohol-fuelled sex. They praise pussy. These lads, troubadours, are trying to get into the pants of women. They do this by using “flattening” lines. Theyplay with language. A shallow game. The individual itself does not matter. This and other acts are forms of gynocentric behaviour (women as the focus). Find its roots hundreds of years back, when chivalry was invented (see: Gynocentrism: From Feudalism to the Modern Disney Princess).

Real men and women are not engaging in this fake-ness. They see right through it. Right through the gender roles played out in different kind of mediums. Right through the bullshit of culture, the norms and values. Right through fake intimacy, right through toxic attachment styles. The normal, mentally healthy, men (and women) overall engage less and less in sex. The causes of this are vast and deep. Coupling up and having kids is delayed or dismissed totally. It is postponed due to staying longer in school, staying in longer with their parents. The new generation is less keen to take kids as well. Are less willing to meet in real life, but meet more likely online. Sometimes not even as the self, but as an avatar. Or maybe it is not even social media, but the inability to pair bond. But the deliberate destruction of the social structures is the biggest cause. Feminist call this the patriarchy. Patriarchy of white men are raining with their toxic masculinity, so they say.

When we look into the data, we see that this patriarchy is long gone in the western world. We see that women are doing better in academia, they have 52% of the money, they get less severe sentences for the same crimes and so on. Where is the gap, where this gap feminists talk about?

The ideal is toxic

Do you know the story of the movie Notebook? The utopia of romance. Prevalent in today’s romance novels. A guy is giving himself away to the beloved. The ultimate sacrifice. A movie where women melt over. A guy with selfless love. He would give his life for her literally and figuratively. For the ultimate price. The female. This idea may sound appealing and romantic. It is not, it is even toxic. For men and women. The one is asked everything and the other is asked none! It is causing entitlement for the one and total submission for the other.

The sense of entitlement is huge in today’s world. The me me me sentiment is everywhere. Me sentiment thinks that it is right. It is even a phenomenon. This phenomenon is mostly seen in women. The word princess is a good fit for this behaviour.

We have now the loud women who yell they want the “privileges” of being men. Although on the same page, are men ashamed of being a man. This too helps that men are not sharing emotions, thoughts, resources etcetera, and above that, to leave it all. Our culture is gynocentric. Revolving around the female beauty and its sexuality. The heterosexual gaze is fed well. Men are invited to be part of it, only if they lay down their man-ness for this goddess. They need to give up their self.

The result will be a society. We already see it happening. Is that man are not able (not allowed, not encouraged) to stand up for themselves. This turns society into defencelessness. Into weakness.

The princess

Men are not needed anymore like in the old world. Women, can feed themselves, be a moral compass, travel alone, buy fancy stuff and above all, having fun, like the guys.

Somehow, I attracted princesses and other toxic people. Part of the problem was that I believed that sending positivity into the world is what we all should do. To give yourself away, for the betterment of others. I saw nothing ill of people around me until I experienced this behaviour over and over. I thought this is individual behaviour, individual cases, but no. After a solid two years of giving away this vibe, I discovered not only how to spot princes, but also, that this mentality is draining whatever you have… sadly enough there are many princesses today. The Simps or in other words the betas are fuelling this all, and keep it alive.

The princess will admire and yet at the same time despise this betas. They live the support that you can provide, but they do not love you. Maybe they find some quirks funny, that’s it.

Here are the things that a typical princess will do or make you feel:

  • You feel the need to perform because they are the opposite of being supportive. Princesses only support her interests. The desires of the princess go above yours, you are her peasant,
  • The other persons hold off and try to avoid putting too much effort themselves. Just enough to get your interest. They are highly manipulative with their words and their actions speak of dishonesty (double standards),
  • They are unreliable and flaky,
  • They are in a constant need for validation,
  • Your opinion does not count, but only when it is for her likes, you may even put down, shamed even. For saying what you think,
  • The love language of a “priceless” princess are gifts!
  • They are critical of everything and everyone,
  • They are manipulative and shame you. Sometimes these princesses go as far as gaslighting you,
  • They do not take responsibility,
  • It is never their fault. It is your or someone else fault.

A princess not necessary needs to have all these boxes ticked. A few of them is enough to let the relationship get sour.

This behaviour is so self-centred, toxic. It destroys even your best intentions right in its roots. It can perpetuate only if you do not see that the other is taking advantage or your self-image is poor. This is the reason that woke masculinity is being disposed of by the feminist agenda. On the other hand, Masculine Feminine behaviour is being praised. Or better put, men how to become feminine. They can cry, and play the victim. They do not take action when it is needed.

The beta-hero, the white knight who willingly shares his body. Someone who doesn’t know anything about love. And the princes who appreciate it. A pet on the shoulder. A tickling for the ego. They are both bad. There is no sustainable lifestyle in this kind if codependent relationships. A people-pleasing mindset, to get approval falls easily victim for an equal emotionally hurt person who needs to be pleased to feel valued.

In a society so full of wounds, what does a person need to be, to have a healthy relationship?

Let you, be you. That is:

  • authentic
  • respectful
  • honest
  • supportive
  • loyal
  • understanding/kind (and sensual)
  • healthy in body and soul

Or, to put it simply, the opposite of the princess.

The feudal system

I do not get why we need to have fights between the sexes, but slowly my understanding grows. It is because of a lot of toxic ideas mixed with wounded souls. These thoughts exist in the heads of many. Ideas that badly effects relationships.

Ideas that started a long time ago. These ideas find their roots in the feudal system of the middle ages. A system where one owns the other favours. All for an exchange for protection. This idea has been projected on the sexes and its relationship between them as well. Here the men are the peasants and women the Lords.

‘In the 12th — 14th centuries, evidence shows that women began to agitate for increased authority over the ‘correct’ way for men and women to conduct relationships …

Key literature from the period detailing proper etiquette expected in gender relations was commissioned for writing by powerful women…

[these ideas caused] a revolution far more significant to history gender relations than the introduction of the birth control pill…

The archetypes introduced … are instantly recognisable; the damsel in distress (women as innocent, women as helpless, women as the victim), the princess (women as beautiful, women as narcissistic subject, requiring devotion, women as deserving of special privileges), and the high born Ladies (women as morally pure, women as precious, women as superior, women as entitled).’ — Gynocentrism: From Feudalism to the Modern Disney Princess

We feel the effects still today. The inheritance of this we get ensured by feminists. They ensure that white knights are performing ‘heroic’ actions. Actions to impress the ladies (many times undeserved) to get attention from them, to get their egos stroked.

Fake and to fake

We go for superficial stuff instead of the real substantial things in life. Until then, we will rumble around… into nothingness. Ego tripping out of authentic relationships.

The political agenda, the false idea of patriarchy, needs to stop. It gives the wrong image of the world and especially about ourselves as a society as a whole. Feminists can’t have it all. Their fantasy image of the world has nothing to do with reality. Having a long-lasting relationship is building a future and living together for the betterment of each other.

I started this article by saying: ‘The moment you start to please someone,…’ It is time we choose our own authentic life above someone else’s fake one. Not because you are arrogant or selfish, but because you choose your sovereignty.

The need for love and compassion is replaced for the money and attention. Society has become hostile, especially towards men. Real toxic behaviour arises. Women, in particular, are more and more craving real men! Because society is hostile to them as well. Real men are not going to put up with the feminist agenda, only the weak-minded immature boys. Or should I say, overly sensitive beta’s? Real men go their own way. While society is collapsing on itself. This whole play is imploding on itself. Since one is trying to get advance of the other, this in itself is unsustainable already.

The alternative

The alternative, so radically different from what we know and have learned. The idea is that men and women can be friends. By some, this idea will be rejected in an instant. Feminist will stand on their toes and shout that this is not the right way to go. Sure, decades of indoctrination has done its part.

To be able to internalise the radical idea that men and women can be equal. That is being friends, partners, teammates. We need to look away from what has taught. Instead, we should look at what is in front of us. The basis of every relationship is not money, not power, not achievements, but friendship. My own experience, scientific literature and successful relationships have driven me to this conclusion. That friendship is the ultimate basis for a good relationship for life. Whenever I see couples smiling at each other, I see friendship. They call each other best friends. Not a life partner, not something else, but a best friend.

A soul mate. Someone who resembles you. Someone with whom you can align your goals. A team player is the best thing you can have in this life.



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Writing about the Human Experience

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Aron Hartman

Writing about the Human Experience

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