Religion, the path of dead.

And how to stay away of it

What is the difference between having a life and no life at all? What is the difference between people who live their life according to their senses and people following a certain ideology? What is the difference between a life with goal and a life with no goal at all? What is the difference between a life full of inspiration and no inspiration at all? What is the difference between people living in fulfillment and people living in success alone?

The difference is that one is dead and the other one lives. Dead people live on what is passed on by parents, teachers, leaders and culture. There is no excitement, everything is “known” to them with ignorance they live, there is no trying, there is no experiencing of life. Every child-dream, empathy, longing for adventure, creativity, expression, is dead. Dead people know very well what fear, hopelessness, anger and disbelief is. These people are the no sayers. They are the one who have a strong tendency for knowing what is right and what is wrong. These are are boring brain-dead people, who dislike change. They leave you with a bad taste. They only have an abstract knowledge of life. They are clueless about what life is and the purpose of it. These are the religious people and all that fallow laid-out paths.

In contrast to dead people are the people who are living life. People who are alive, are full of joy, understanding, knowledge, creativity, motivation, hope and love.

The problem religion wants to address by and large is giving an escape out of the inner prison of life and go to a higher spiritual/emotional state where life of abundance and bliss exists. In this life and beyond into eternity and escape from eternal suffering.

Religion wants to give the keys for enlightenment through his teaching and practices for inner peace and wisdom. When religion is builded structure deprived of emotions, a way of seeing things. You are not allowed to question things or trying to dismiss it and leaving it on its own. Like Communism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Scientology, Christianity etc… They all have a strong feeling of acknowledging or dismissing certain thoughts. It is truly a force when structured and when a great amount of people are forced to believe that this is the ultimate truth. When in fact it is a dumb down version of the truth or a piece of it or it is just outright wrongly understood. Religion is a package, a set of beliefs, ideas around a basic truth. Each religion has its own color. With the difference that the few basic truths are presented in different ways.

The biggest difference is that one follows ideologies the others are seeing what is in front of them. Our thoughts close or opens the door to more or less life. This gives a duality, where we free or prison our self.

Religion gives you a false sense for knowing reality. Every religion tends to promote that this is the ultimate real stuff. That this is the path to enlightenment. When in fact everything is “measured” alongside a sacred book for feedback to watch if we are still on the track. When in fact it is the understanding of the religion what is meant by the text and its meaning to life. Everything that is not in accordance with your religion is considered evil or something you have to look out for more carefully. With this mindset we are not aloud to question things and explore the beauty of truth and discovery. We are blinded by a world view that we can’t question.

Let me be clear, you cannot hold or tell the truth when you hold dichotic views and hold on demagogic teachings. Plus when you have a biassed agenda. When will we detach from religion and try to be more in touch with ourselves? How true are your feelings? How true are you to yourself? These are the questions we should ask when we want to engage in a more abundant life. Look, if you put truth (of life) in a system of norms and values it becomes a lie. A lie because the followers of the religion only follows the path of the norms and their value system. They do not really question them, because this is the truth, when in fact it isn’t. The problem is that you are not allowed to question “obvious” things. Such as, is homosexuality wrong, is there a god, love, forgiveness etc. Yes, they encourage you to ask, but this is misleading, since these questions only should be consist of gaining information of religion, not questioning their beliefs or belief systems.

According to religion there is one and only one way to life. Therefore there is no better or different. You want to be cool and living your dream, you can’t, if you want to fit in for religion. You want to explore your creativity, you can’t it does not fit the status quo of religion. You are numb down to what “good” is and have to follow that. They make a brick out of you to fit in. You allowed it, you accepted it as truth. Now you are dead on the inside. You can even be used, by religion, to take the life of other people, because the only thing you do is following orders. You are trained to do so.

We need to understand that knowing something or someone takes effort and time! It is not just a flash of a moment that you know the all. It is not that you just read and memorize things and you understand it right away. No, it takes a lot of you to gain knowledge, to know. It is the honest willing to do so.

A honest willing for learning, adventure, joy, exploration, trying, growing and experiencing life. The true life. On the other hand does religion destroy relationships. It does not count with social biology or with simple psychology or just with the social setting itself.

Religious and emotionally dead people can’t take this. Beauty and pleasure. It is all carnal, sallow, heathen desire. Nothing in you should pursue beauty or pleasure. Since it is something of this world. If you cling to it, you end up in everlasting torture by evil spirits. Since carnal desires are where the devil and his spirits live on. These are the shallow temporary desires of the flesh. So they speak.

There is a reason why there is pleasure and pain (not going into that one now) Dead people fight it, since they cannot handle it. It disturbs their dry boring life, it is this little bit of emotion, what makes them afraid. The normal emotional response to this is fighting it even more and pushing it back until no emotion is left. Religious people who do live (the younger generation), find themselves in a trap of frustration, because of this pressure they seek release, by doing so they find them self in guilt, which is the fuel for pressure. Then relieving it the wrong way or in an other area, for example by over-eating or by doing an extreme amount of exercise. It is even more wrong when a society as a whole does this, it becomes normal.

Sin is not something you go to hell for, but a thing of excess. One of too much. The original meaning stems from Latin, which means, missing the mark.Today in religious context it means, missing the point. Missing where it is all about. Someone, who’s dead inside, may not sin according to religion. Because such a person feel noting to act upon. Such a person does not sin, but follow the strict rules of religion. Such a person does not have an identity, the typical numb person, full of venom. They are rotten inside, nothing is good, everything is bad, you are bad, the people you go out with are bad, because they do not believe or follow what they believe in. In my view THESE people are missing the point, not others where religious people point too.

We live more and more in a society where people are free in choosing carriers, life partner(s), ethnicity, but also sexual orientation. Religious people who are used to strict guidelines for life see it as a moral decay. When in fact it is a development, from very few freedom to a lot of freedom. I mean real freedom. Not the freedom of exploiting your body for pleasure in such a way, that it becomes harmful and wasting your time, but the freedom of exploration and adventure. Religious people think that by letting go strong moral “values” you will go down the slippery slope. Theoretically this may be true, but in practice we see the opposite. In religious societies or communities the rate of committed crime is higher then in not religious ones. Homicide, sexual assault, emotional abuse are higher too.

‘The lower selfs tries to fulfill desire for pleasure. To survive each day it collects and holds resources. Lies, cheats, seduces, complains, rages, belittles, worships power, money and sex. Withholds attention and love to gain compliance. Does anything to gain the operand. Feels superior to others. Hates to lose. Such self-centered narcissistic qualities where responsible for human kinds survive long ago.’ — Ries Thomas

It is the lower self, the self that does not has the willing to live life, the self that doesn’t want to embrace beauty, pleasure everything that is true. This self is the self that every one hates.

There is nothing wrong with pleasure and beauty. It is wrong to hold on delusional thoughts that the ego projects on life. The ability to discern valuable thought from point out wrong desires is something we learn as we mature. Religion will tell you this by telling you right and wrong, but without the how (how to love, how to enjoy, how to hold, how to be strong etc.) the why is to escape form eternal condemnation which is shaping fear in ones mind. This is purposeless and shallow, since pleasure and beauty is temptation, but labor and gaining souls for your religion is a divine good in “gods” eye.

Pleasure and beauty is a way, how we connect to life, to each other. By enjoying and engaging in the moment, not avoiding it. Religious people do not know the taste of joy, but know strong morals even if it leads to immoral behavior when religion commands it. So, religion destroys natural morals for a sustainable life. It is a toxic hypnosis of purpose and doing or being good, when in fact it is an ideal what is followed.

We need pleasure, we need beauty to relax, to heighten our senses, to give movement to life. Do not let religion decide, what to wear, what to eat, what to watch and what to listen to. It is your conscious choice.

You can speak nice words even live a “good” religious life, who follows everything that religions tells. But, there is a big but, the core of hypocrisy, that is showing who good you are, when you are evil to the core. I am amazed, how well you can hide yourself in religion. You just do the deeds, speak the words, but inside you hide your true face. A non religious person sees this a lot better, but religious people don’t. It is because the focus lies on a few things and are ignorant on many other stuff. Religion is a cover for lying and manipulating “holy” text to their will.

The one who love peace, that is peace is their best friend, are the one who do good. They will not walk in a religious arrogant self. Since it would be a denial of the self. Religion, puts a denial of the self and replace it with an ideology, that you are not allowed to question.

‘Belief systems are often equipped with clever tricks to entrap adherents. Harsh punishments await those who abandon the group: traitors are ostracized, shunned and tarred by their former co-believers, even by family members and friends. Naturally, the most extreme form of punishment is death.’ — Dr. Boudry

Is this love? Is this peace? We call this type of love, conditional love. You need to hold a certain criteria in order to be accepted. Conditional love is a love form too, but by doing so a religious person is farther behind then an atheist or a non-believer, since it has a general love and generally accepts people.

You have maybe heard this one, the question of free will. In Christian doctrine it is learned that as long you are not redeemed (freed from carnal desires which you can’t control), you are not free, but a toy for the devil, who fools you with his inexistence. Since, as the doctrine tells, we are born in sin. Someone born in sin will automatically go to hell since the person is not redeemed by Christ, but prisoned in his own body with guilty perverted pleasures an offer for satan. Which means that your conscious will is dictated by biological desires that counterfeits your spiritial body. Only in Christ, as Christianity tells us, you can be set free. Free of sin. Free of your carnel shallow heathen desires which leads to self destruction and in the end to everlasting torture. Other religions have similar teaching about redemption.

Only when you convert, you are free. Some may feel a release of their addiction, lifestyle, others seek meaning for life and find it in a particular religious teaching. But in general it is prisoning not freeing at all. You have to follow and think likewise, otherwise you are an apostate. Reading religious text as a source of inspiration, but not living by it does not count as a follower of religion, you still remain an apostate or a pagan. Someone deep in religion will not feel this as a prison, but as the only way of life.

Free will is not limited by the choice for following or not following a particular religion, but exists in every aspect of our life. We are not prisoned by shallow desires and don’t need to be freed by some kind of redemption by some kind of deity or divine being. Free will does exist in the boundary of our physical nature. If I want to peddle the Atlantic ocean I can, since I have the free will to decide, but I can’t decide it by doing it so without food, since I will starve before I reach the other shore.

Free will does exist with and without religion.

Religious people believe that you get sanctioned by following religious text even if the consequences are bad, really bad. By doing so a religious person follows the norms and values laid out in “holy” scripture and according the religious context where the religious person is a part of.

By following an another god or no god at al is, in modern context, an abomination to god and will result in a miserable life with a finish in hell. Simple because you didn’t follow the rules laid out by religion. You do not have the freedom to decide which direction you go, because there is one, that of the narrow path, laid out by religion. As talked earlier about sin, this is exactly the problem. Since you can’t live a sinless life, you are always astray and under judgement of a god, which is, that you have to follow the teachings of religion to find freedom and a ticket to heaven. A religious person is trapped in a way of living, strange to life.

But many religions contradict each other and so their can’t be drawn an universal conclusion of what our morals should be. A religious person of one group will argue, that this is the truth, but so does the other. If we dive into sociology we see that religion has changed as society has changed. This is a sign, that morals as written in religious texts, are not a thing that is set in stone.

Many religious people will argue, that letting go “holy” scripture will lead to an anarchic society where people kill and misuse each other for their own benefit. A counter argument to this is what we know from biology, that is altruism.

altruism: the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others: some may choose to work with vulnerable elderly people out of altruism. — American English dictionary

We see altruism in nature to, where one animal helps the other animal when one animal can’t provide for itself because of some injury. The result of this is that such a society or group will benefit in the long term by behaving in this way. We can’t make a moral decision if we don’t know what the consequents will be in the short and long term.

We should and are more and more doing it as a civilization, that is that morals should be based on sustainability and profit for all. We reach that by a lot of thought and scientific endeavor. Not by a religious text of the past.

In contrast to the dead souls, I would like to point out what a description of a living soul is and what it looks like.

The successful and famous think different ad campaign of Apple in 1997 states, in my opinion, very well what the living ones are written by Rob Siltanen with participation of Lee Clow and others on Apples creative team:

‘Here’s to the crazy ones, The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’

The living ones are the one, who truly live. Living means giving up everything you know, what is told to you, it means even going against what society, your parents, your teachers think is good. For a better world, we need to live according to life and not according to fancy ideas, ideals, philosophies and the lies of religion, but according what we know as truth by honest exploration. There is a way we can each others an our own life better.

In the end we all are humans, with real feelings. One believes in this the other in something different. It may be obvious for you, but it does not for the other, we must accept this fact. Dead souls are blinded by their worldview, but this is how we and the religious can live happily together (these tips are from an another article, I translated and changed a bit to fit this article better).

1. Stop believing and become a student of life

It is not that the religious understand the “truth” and the other ungodly pagans, bastards, pervert jokes, does’t understand a bit and are in a need for some kind of redemption, what means accepting ones worldview before admitted to the club. These people need to stop looking if the other dead soul believes the same yes and no, before they accept him as “brother or sister” . Just listen. The shouldn’t stress the other with their beliefs and thoughts. By listening we can learn a lot, we can learn a lot from each other by listening, not by smashing theories to disbelievers or only accepting the other because they believe the shame. The result of pressing the wright or wrong on someone we will end up being a whore club full of stupid dump asses, with the same believe. We all need to become a student of life.

2. Stop hospitality and be an invitee

They should not invite the other, to let him live the way they live. No, the need to be invited instead and really be interested in the other by going to him, they need to let go of the prejudices and look at the atheist, the other religious, the pedophile, the alcoholic, bank owner or who ever he may be, right in the eye, without any discomfort.

3. Stop playing the club, meet each other instead

It is not the club building that is important. They need to go over to each other, spend time together. Stop spending money on the club building and marketing materials, evangelical crusades but, spending instead on people.

4. Stop with marketing and become radical honest

They will discover how much power there lies in being honest, by putting up a dump plastic smile face and telling that it is all right. We all know that we all have doubts, sorrow, illness, unbelief. Let the naked truth be shown. Let a community be a place, where people can be honest, where there is a second change. Every one will feel more loved. Let start by being more honest.

5. They need to stop the hypocritical show and need to be a little bit more quiet

They need to forget their programs, nice words, the lights, the smoke machines, beautifully singed songs, well done verses, books. After a lot of noise, maybe it is time now to listen a little bit better and more. They have said enough. The need to listen, without going against and trying proofing their right, arguing with well trained sentences, debate technics. Let them become a little bit more silent.

6. The need to stop focussing on heaven and start living here on earth

Believing in heaven or a brighter future is not an escape of the reality of everyday life. Heaven start here and know. We could better make out hand dirty, by building something beautiful instead of fantasizing about the future. Believing in heaven is not a ticket for going there, no it is for making our future brighter.

7. The need to stop with being sure

Throw rigid believe systems away. It doesn’t has not be right from beginning to the end. The need to see reality as it is. The then can change their saint beliefs with understanding and compassion. It is by starting to accept they other as he is.

We all are students of life, we all need to let be invited be with the other by meeting, listening, honestly speaking, not playing a show and living in the here and now, we do not need to be sure of everything. Life is a journey we all are on.

Religion, norms and culture keeps people in this hypnotic state of thinking that they live a true life and in truth. When we let go what we think is true we will become more aware of ourselves and the world around us, we start even seeing where we can be really and what our potentials are. People of high awareness are attractive. It feels good to be around them. These people are rarely upset, depressed or over excited, they love life. They know how to live a balanced emotionally abundant life. These people are very creative and know very well what and why they are doing what they do and are really good at it. They can maintain focus and they do not accept the status quo. This is not the case with religious people, who maintain focus on their religions and values.

Please, please don’t be that creepy, dead soul, who has become immune to everything that we call life. We should program ourselves for a more sustainable life style.



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