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Grand Canyon, Arizona, US

We assume life to be fully self explanatory, but we do not assume that learning to read and write is self explanatory. We do not assume that that becoming an architect, engineer, physician is something that just comes naturally. Although we as society assume with or without some religious background that life is just that everyone knows how to live and what to pursue.

Not only is it not self explanatory, but we are dumb down and expected to follow paths not of our own. When in fact every human being is free to choose within the physical boundaries of the universe where we live in. In our western society we lost the idea of life as an art form, an art form where you have to work on. Why are we so passive and unknowing when it comes to what we should do with our lives?

From infancy on we are told that we cannot trust our inner senses. We should listen to our parents, teachers and leaders. We seek approval as a check if we fit in. By doing so we fall in a trap of following a path laid out by others. It is absolutely not a desire that stems from within. A dream, a motivational desire from the inside. At the moment when we listen to it, our ego kicks in with fear. The fear of the what if’s. It is a call to the unknown with unknown outcomes.

We have to make a conscious decision that we take our life’s back form the imprinted paths and take full responsibility for it. I am talking about inventing for yourself a life of value and not of consumption.

The meaning of life

There are two things in life we need to have in order to feel fulfilled in who we are:

⁃ First, living your life to its fullest potential, this means developing your talents, exploring the desires you want to express in whatever way it comes. It can be writing a computer program, painting a painting, taking a photograph of what resonates with you, making music, discovering an equation, writing a novel, engineering a bridge, doing a sport or becoming an astronaut.

⁃ Second, serving/helping others with your talent. With the stuff we engineer, we accomplish, we design, we create with that we can inspirer and help others. Helping others is in-itself supporting life and helping others to live.

What we want to pursue is a heart centered desire, a mission. It is a selfless desire. It is a creative energy. Ground yourself in this desire, a commitment to do what your heartfelt desire tells you, open up to it. Not what others say, not what the society say’s, not what culture say’s. Honer this heartfelt longing, for the light you bring into this world. Follow it!

The love for what you do has a meaning. Yes, there is fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. But if it comes from a desire inside, do it. It doesn’t matter, how many others are “competing” with you. It doesn’t matter if you are bad at something. You will grow! It is untrue that you do not have the talent for it. It is a selfless desire. So everything you need is already in you, for developing your pursuit.

Personal freedom

Personal freedom is a high good in every society, now and in the past. Even with a high degree of freedom men finds that his resources are limited. Be it physical, emotional or in other means. Our resources are limited, be it time, money or knowledge. At least not in this life or on this finite planet.

A life with value is not hedonistic in itself. Pleasure is s good thing. But pleasure in itself is empty. In the long run it will not give you value. The greek philosophers said that we should not be a slave of our own desires. Or in other words. Pleasure seeking, pain avoiding childish human beings. Personal freedom comes with responsibility. With dismissing paternalism our own values and norms comes into place. This means we are accountable to other people for our actions. There is a responsibility we take when we choose a life where we walk our own path. A path not laid down by others.


If you feel a pressure for change from outside, trying to mold you into a piece you do not want, resist it! Their will be always no sayers whatever you try. It is never good enough and won’t be either. There is a but, and that is that I am not talking ‘except me for who I am’ mentality. There may obstacles in your life that needs to be fixed first before you can move on. People point that out, a lot of times, sadly, the harsh way. When this happens do not stick your fingers in your ear and ignoring the important message. Maybe, if your life is so, it is better to search for professional help. A professional psychologist will not trow trash on you, but is there to help and is giving advice that helps you to build a better life.

What you shouldn’t resist is your personal expressive freedom. What I mean is where you are amazed by, almost like a child about life and the stuff in it. This expression ends up in the art of life. In who you look, in how you cloth, what you do as a profession and the art you create (in painting, writing, photography, music, pottery and so on). Society or religion, from my experience, want you to mold in a brick-like state easy and predictable. Not leaving you for you are, that is to be a precious stone. Formed by the beauty of life not from the outside pressure, to be conform the mass. Do not give in.

When you are free from this pressure, you are free ad a feeling of comfort starts surrounding you. When you are comfortable with yourself you can and will be building a live of freedom and joy. You are crafting art with your life where you are comfortable with it.


Personal freedom comes with responsibility too. You are in charge of your choices, you are responsible for them too.

Freedom also means you have norms and values. This are yours and not putted on by your government or society. When you take your life in your own hands, you will be responsible. This is a risk you take, the price you pay, but the reward is yours too. You live a life, not a designed one by society, no, a life you dreamed of, you create. This means you fully have to know why and how. This comes with awareness, you will become much more aware of the choices you make. It is not laid out. You have to think it through.

Norms and values

Somehow somewhere we tend to leave curiosity as we enter more and more the adult life. As a child we are full of wonder and want to know things, want to do stuff. But on our journey we are more and more indoctrinated by the norms and values of our surroundings. We follow what others follow, we like what others like at least to some extent. This is what we call conformity. You are becoming a dead person. The inspiration we had as a child is dead. It is gone with the years. We wonder, how did we become such a mindless trashcan? Somebody who did not question the norms and values!

Your new value is a sincere desire for the thing you want to make. You want to offer to the world. The gift you got, you want to share it. This means that you are not pushing yourself, but allow it to come. Not trying to make it happen, a controlling force, like I have to. Do not force, create, push. D not try to create yourself. This is not attractive. Neither do you find it attractive when others do it.

Make a list of what you dream of. Free write, brainstorm on it. Suspend your disbelieve. Concentrate on what you want to manifest or create. What you focus on you create. Focus on your dreams/visions/desire and actions and not why it is impossible. A place of creativity, peace, joy, inspiration, enthusiasm, actualizing energy. Cultivate to be there and not there where the norms bring you.

But: ‘You are stopping it when you overthink. You are stopping it when you believe that it is not meant for you. You are stopping it when you plan, command, order yourself to do this or be that. You are stopping it when you think of what others think, when your appetites overwhelm you, when you refuse to act on what your spirit cries out matters, counts, endures. The very thought of “you” is stopping it.’ — Umair Haque

In order to find what you love, you have to love life. Are your thoughts in alignment with your desires with what you really love. Our society tends to generate in us desires. It is not what we truly love, feel a need to. Because our brain is meshed up in such a way, that we become selfish hunks for enlightenment and/or fulfillment. Everyone is to some extend brainwashed by a lot of trash we get everyday from advertising, religion, and society. It is really hard to find your true love for something (or somebody if we follow this thought process to humans). How do we find this love?

From zero to action

With norms and values come goals to. This is a process, knowing what’s important to you. Knowing what makes you tick. We all are different and are tuned to different things. This come from our personality. I want to point out, that it is dangerous to search for a passion, when in fact it comes from action. I am not talking about learning to love, but feeling a genuine love to what you do. This discovery of love does not come from thin air, but it is found by thoughtful trying of crafts. Knowing what you like is like leaning to walk. Step by step. You take a step in a direction and look what will happen. It is a learning process. With each step and evaluation (feedback) you learn.

Learning means also that you are humble. You are not the ‘know it all’. You are open for doing better or different. You are searching for the answer to the question on ‘how can I do this better?’. You need to have a mentality of a child, that means exploring. Learning also means that you develop skills, competences mediate on what will it look like and what competences do I need. Start developing these competences.

Lastly do search for problems that are mostly neglected, because their will be your biggest impact. You will make a life changing effect on a lot of people’s life. A search out of curiosity that is in-itself the motivation to do so. The desire for acting upon problems that strike you, that needs to be solved, you feel that burden for change.


We feel a lack of motivation towards life even to the extend of misery when our inner selfless desires aren’t met, but suppressed, by our thoughts, others or society in general. The biggest source for this, is that we do not know well enough ourselves, we expect that the reflection we see from our society is accurate. That what our parents told us is accurate, what our friends tell us are accurate, how people are reacting on us is accurate. No, it is far from accurate. If you fallow “the path” you are expected to do, it is easy that you start living a lie. Think about your action, why I am thinking this, why I am doing this? When you start doing this, you start to become more aware of your actions, of the actions of others and also of the world around you. You start seeing everything more crisp. You start discovering yourself and also your deepest selfless desires. You start knowing the things that makes you tick. It is a combination of personality traits, your knowledge and your experiences. The better you know yourself the better you know the things that makes you tick. Ask for advise from professionals. Reflect on yourself (meditation) from time to time, where are you now and where do you want to be. Or as Socrates puts it: ‘A life without research is not a life for a human’.

Do not fight to find your passion. In fact there are many and it will likely change over the years. Instead think what lifestyle suits you best and in that lifestyle you do find meaning. When living a life that makes you thick, you start creating such a love, such a desire that is unstoppable. You will become unstoppable.

Inspired desire. Only create or take action when there is a real desire to do so, not out of jealously or because someone said it you should. Take action and create from a place of true inspiration. From a place where you do not push yourself, but are pulled by it.

Have joy in what you do. You do something because you love it. Be connected to what you do right now and what you do later. Have a clear goal of what you want to do.

Have (a) friend(s) who support and you to whom you can share your stories. Who trigger you to do more, not less! Who inspire you, from who you can learn, who challenge you for the better.

Doing so, you have a true desire with a supportive background. After you did your research, you know this is the right thing, believe in it, follow it unconditionally.

Transition from one carrier to another

Do not expect the change overnight, work toward your goal. Have a basis where you can stand on and can share. Get your hands dirty, for many months until you will be recognized and can take on jobs, first for free and later you can raise money for it. Focus on your goal. Do not scatter your time. Focus on one subject for a period of time.

‘See it is a form of art. Willing to work for free for a period a time. You will build confidence, you have the experience, knowledge to ask money. Be thankful, be in gratitude, be thankful for the abilities you already have. Bring your enthusiasm and creativity to whatever place you go. Create an “energy field” where people want to be. Not when you are there are you happy, but now. Do not put what you want into the future, future is now.’ — Gabriel Bernstein

According to William MacAskill, President & Professor of Philosophy at Oxford : ‘Do what is valuable.’ By doing so, you will finding yourself in the flow. In the flow the sense of time diminishes and you will not regret the time spend.

Finding and pursuing what you like is an art-form. Forming a life that actually is what you like in the way in which it unfolds. There are obstacles that everyone’s faces in finding a way out of this matrix. But when you decide to put an end to dead end work and start playing life, you will start an awesome journey in the unknown…

Here is an offer, a way out in a practical way. A way to make your dream job:

‘Now, after working with thousands of aspiring troublemakers, I’ve built that blueprint. It wasn’t easy, it took a lot of digging, a lot of research and testing to create this process.

The good part is now you can benefit from all that stumbling and experimenting.

My step-by-step process for crafting your unique offer to the world is in a nice, neat package. It even includes a template for getting clear on the exact person that needs your offering.

I wish I had this when I was starting out. But I’m kind of glad I didn’t have it, because now I can give it to you. It makes all that pain in the ass worth it.

If you’re really serious about your escape from the 9 to 5 to stay alive, get clear on your offer to the world troublemaker.

After that, everything is easier.

Here’s the step by step blueprint to finding your unique value

You can take the red pill, or there’s always that unsubscribe button…

In your corner,


In conclusion

In the end it comes to faith, purpose, an acting out of selfless desire, focus, sharp vision, good knowledge of the world and what you want, and an endless curiosity towards the world around you.

Writing about the Human Experience

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